This page houses all of our homeschool activities and resources.

Homeschool Virtual Puppet Workshop (10/23/2020) - Learn about Mr. Jacobs different puppets and how you can make your very own Sock Puppet. You can do this craft from home or pick up a workshop box from the Turner Community Library by calling 913-295-8250 ext.4.  We are open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.  We are located in the back of the Turner Recreation Commission at […]
Killer Plant Deathmatch (10/14/2020) - Not all plants are pretty flowers! Some even eat living things, like the Venus fly trap! Others give off horrible smells to lure in prey or grow spikes as a means to defend themselves! Take a moment to think of grossest, most dangerous plants you can imagine. Would they be poisonous and neon colors? Would […]
Mr. Jacob’s Crazy Scientist Home School Class #3 Water Science (10/8/2020) - Mr. Jacob will lead you onto a Water Science Adventure where you’ll learn about the water cycle, make Dancing Water, make a Rainbow Experiments, and Solid Water. Some kits are still available for pickup at the Turner Community Library if you call 913-295-8250 ext. 4. We can hold them till 5PM Monday-Friday. We are located […]
Homeschool Programming with KC Farm School (10/8/2020) - “At the center of its community, the farm generates an inspiring environment transforming the individual and society through community-wide, multi-generational, participatory, and collaborative food projects while it provides job training opportunities, healing and fun.” Kansas City, Kansas Public Library is partnering with KC Farm School to bring you some exciting homeschool programming for the remainder […]
Homeschool Adventures: Scaling the Solar System (10/7/2020) - Space is huge, so how can we measure things in our solar system?  What are some of the constellations we see in the night sky and their stories? What is the order of the planets? How many stars are in our solar system? The answers to all these questions are in this month’s Homeschool Adventures! […]
Chess Kingdom at the Main Library (9/17/2020) - Have you ever wanted to learn how to play chess? Do you already love chess, but would like to improve your game play? Did you know that chess and football have a surprising amount of similarities? Lets take a look: Chess is a game played between two players, but each of those players control a […]
STEM: Mini Dinosaur Eggs (9/16/2020) - Learn about combining ingredients and chemical reactions with Mr. Aaron while making your Mini Dinosaur Eggs. You’ll also learn how to make them melt. Impress your friends or see if your siblings can guess which dinosaur is inside. Limited to 2 per family. All crafts are prepackaged and may need minor home supplies to put […]
Mr. Jacob’s Crazy Scientist Homeschool Class #1 (9/10/2020) - Turner’s Homeschool Thursday is back but now online! Watch Mr. Jacob the Crazy Scientist as he teaches you 3 Laws of Nature and Polymers. Be mystified as Mr. Jacob shows you how to make snow that will never melt. Muh…huh…huh
Monarch Frenzy! (9/2/2020) - Hang out with Ms. Lu and Ms. Jada as we explore our Monarch Waystation and the life within!
Homeschool Local History Scavenger Hunt (9/1/2020) - Visit and learn about various sites that are an important part of Wyandotte County history through this scavenger hunt.
Stay Sharp! (8/28/2020) - Amanda from our Main Library has created this great interactive PDF about how to stay sharp with various school subjects using books and e-resources from the library.
Readers Services For Our Youngest Readers (8/19/2020) - As the Youth Services Supervisor at South I am happy to select a curated collection of books for your child based on their interests and reading level.
Hoopla For Homeschool (8/19/2020) - Hoopla is one of the Kansas City Kansas Public Library's many digital resources available to use for free with your library card!

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