BLTs make an easy summer dinner or lunch when tomatoes are at their prime and available in your garden or local farmers’ market. 

BLT: The American Tradition 

Bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo create America’s second most popular sandwich, right after the grilled cheese sandwich.

This American tradition can be traced by cultural anthropologists to Victorian England, where it was served as a tea sandwich and appeared in British cookbooks in the 1920s. Americans’ fondness for the sandwich began with a Hellmann’s Mayonnaise ad campaign in the 1950s.  

The most important ingredient in a BLT is the tomato. August is their peak season, and there are so many ways to enjoy fresh tomatoes (see other recipes here and here). Did you know that tomatoes are actually a fruit? Read more about it here. Making your own mayo will elevate your BLT, especially if flavored with garlic. You can find an easy recipe here.  

BLT and various fresh ingredients on a cutting board

BLT Sandwiches

Magda Born
BLTs make an easy summer dinner or lunch when tomatoes are at their prime andavailable in your garden or local farmers' market. 


  • Toasted bread
  • Lettuce or sprouts
  • Four slices of bacon
  • Mayonaise
  • Thinly sliced tomatoes
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Gather your ingredients
    BLT ingredients on a cutting board
  • Food for the eye as well
    Lettuce and sliced tomatoes on a blue and white plate
  • Render bacon
    bacon cooking in pan
  • You can try making your own mayo. It is not difficult, but it does take patience. Add garlic for a special flavor.
    homemade mayonaisse being whisked in a bowl
  • Do not skip toasting the bread.
    bread being toasted on grill
  • Try adding different ingredients to your BLT, such as basil and fresh mozzarella.
    BLT ingredients on various plates
  • Enjoy!
    BLT with basil and mozzerella


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The happy sandwich: scrumptious sandwiches to make you smile  by Jason Goldstein

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Grilled cheese cookbook: step-by-step recipes for making delicious grilled cheese sandwich at home  by Noah Jerris

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‘wichcraft : craft a sandwich into a meal–and a meal into a sandwich  by  Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortúzar

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