Need to increase your computer skills in 2023? The West Wyandotte Library is offering a full schedule of computer classes, in-person and via Zoom!  

Here is a listing of the upcoming classes for January and February. You can register online or by calling any of our library branches!


Zoom Class:

 Intro to Google Docs, Monday, January 23, 2 PM

  •  Learn about Google’s version of word processing and how you can use this program with your Google account in a collaborative and virtual environment.  

In-Person Classes:

 Into to Google Docs, Thursday, January 26, 9:30 AM

  • Same class description as the Zoom class listed above.

Microsoft Word, Monday, January 30, 9:30 AM

  • Welcome to the world of word processing! Learn how to create a new file, open and edit a current file, make formatting changes, correct typing mistakes, and so much more!


Zoom Classes:

Microsoft Excel, Monday, February 6, 2 PM

  • Learn how to create a spreadsheet, enter data, format, and calculate numbers!

Advanced Microsoft Excel, Thursday, February 9, 2 PM

  • Learn additional skills in creating your spreadsheet, including adding worksheets to your Excel file and creating Pivot Tables, a device that can make your data stand out!

Microsoft Excel 3: Data Organization, Monday, February 13, 2 PM

  • Learn techniques such as filtering, sorting, creating tables, freezing parts of your spreadsheet, and creating charts to help tame the vast amounts of data in a spreadsheet.

In-Person Classes:

Advanced Microsoft Word, Thursday, February 2, 9:30 AM

  • Learn some advanced techniques to increase your word processing skills, including using Microsoft Word’s fantastic Mail Merge feature.  

Microsoft Excel, Tuesday, February 7, 6 PM

  • Learn how to create a spreadsheet, enter data, format, and calculate numbers!