The big holiday is almost here & Turner Community Library has the crafts to make this season merry. You can put any of these crafts on hold until we close by calling 913-295-8250 x. 4. Have some festive holiday fun with Turner Community Library’s Craft Party in a Bag. We have Christmas Craft & Holiday Animal Bags that you can choose from to give as a gift or help your family festivities. Each take-home kit will include everything you need to create and have a party, including a plush.

Grinch Santa Sack Craft

Craft Party in a Bag (Christmas Craft or Holiday Animals)

Color a Grinch Scene

Cool Hanukkah Emoji

Grinch Snow Globe

Hanukkah Charm Bracelet

Merry Grinchmas Wall Hanging

Tissue Paper Menorah

Jingle Bell Wreath

Craft Roll Holiday Characters

Mini Grinch Wreath

Santa Planter

Penguin Candy Cane Hanger

Dowel Rod Tree (Limit 1)

Gingerbread Glitter Globe

Dress-up Gingerbread Person

Santa Frame

Foam Reindeer

Turner Community Library is located at 831 S. 55th St., Kansas City, KS. You can be buzzed into the front or back entrance or call 913-295-8250 ext. 4 for curbside pick-up. Our hours are M-Th 9-7 PM, Fri 9-5 PM, Sat 10-2 PM.