The growth of our city has left many once widely used places abandoned and desolate, just a memory of our past. Where are they now? What have they become? Learn more about St. John Divine, The Woodlands, and The Lab. Journey through the stories of an urban explorer, Regina Daniel, to view her pictures and the stories behind them. What are the differences between abandoned Kansas City and rural Kansas? This video will show you the reality of how expansion pushed these places into obscurity and decay.

At the early age of ten, Regina Daniel first received a camera, and from that gift, her passion for photography was born. Urban exploration started Regina’s path in trying to discover and inspire people by visually immortalizing the remnants of the Midwest that have been left behind. She operates Red Vixen’s Photography, specializing in architectural and cityscape photography, traveling across the heartland. By considering herself a tourist in her hometown, she looks to find a discovery each day to photograph and research. She views each abandoned place and its story as a thread of history that is a part of the wider tapestry that creates a more extraordinary saga for us all to remember. Checkout Regina’s books at your local Kansas City, Kansas Public Library at