Your garden will soon see many new guests with spring weather quickly approaching. It is the perfect time to create an up-cycled guest book to document all of the visitors you will see in the coming months. Visit the Main Library Youth Services Department to pick up a garden guestbook craft kit.

Want to learn more about exploring the outdoors this spring? Register for April’s Homeschool Thursday program on April 21st at 2pm. This program will explore activities to do outdoors and up-cycle crafts for at-home learners ages 4-18. You can register with an email to receive a Zoom link to this virtual program. Register here:

Here are four suggestions for how you can utilize your garden guestbook this spring:

You can draw animals you see and record when they appear in your garden. Do they come out in the evening and stay out during the night or do they come out in the morning and stay out during the day? Try drawing your dog or a neighborhood cat. Can you identify what qualities make them look like them? What shape do their ears make? How about their fur?

Who is that flying around your garden? You can spot and identify birds by their size, plumage, or feathers. See if you can compare sizes as you draw, even if the birds are far away from each other. Can you graph their bird calls, how long they are, and the pitch?


There can be a lot of these around a garden! Can you spot and draw their features? Are there any predators, like spiders, in your garden? Try drawing a food chain diagram of all the garden guests, including the plants and yourself. How do you fit in the food chain?

You can draw the plants in your garden, record how tall they get, and trace the leaves. Can you compare the size and color of the flowers on the plants? When the plants grow fruits and vegetables, how many grow, and what do they look like at first compared with when they are ripe? Try putting on your thinking cap and adding how many veggies you pick each day or week from your garden.

We’d love to see all the guests that visit your garden! Share your garden guest book with us on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.