We are living longer after retirement than ever before, and we need our investments to work as hard for us as we worked to create those investments during our working years. So how to invest our money during our retirement years is a key component of a financially secure retirement. Unfortunately, many of the “truths” we have been taught about investing in our retirement years don’t square with the actual investment performance data. 

How should our investments actually be managed during our retirement years? It may be much different from what you have always been taught!

We recently had a 3-part virtual seminar called Exposing the Myths of Retirement Investing, where certified financial planner Emerson Hartzler exposed these myths.

If you missed any of the sessions, don’t worry! We recorded them for you.

Here’s the first session:

And here’s the PowerPoint presentation from the first and second sessions:

Here’s the second session:

And here’s the third session.