Several weeks ago, I heard a large crashing sound in our Waldo neighborhood. I was fairly certain it was a large tree or portion thereof. I thought to myself, I hope no one got hurt or property destroyed. 

I was right and what remained of the deciduous behemoth stuck out like a sore thumb.

I later discovered the homeowner with the large tree stump used a creative solution to an otherwise ugly sight. She decided to turn the eyesore into a work of art.

I happened to be walking by when the tree carver she hired was at work. The proprietor wanted to honor the infamous Waldo owls with a large, decorative tribute (see my earlier post about the Waldo owls here).

He had been at it a while, using a small chainsaw and other tools to sculpt his creation. As others gathered to view his work, he explained how he was going to finish it. He would use wood stain to bring out the highlights and then tung oil to protect his masterpiece.

It was early evening on December 4 that I captured the completed composition in the 7600 block of Walnut Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Good night feathered friends!

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