Learn about the Hopi Sun Kachina with our Video and learn how to do this craft.

You can come to the Turner Community Library at 831 S 55th St, Kansas City, KS, 66106 to pick up this craft or download it here & do it from home.

You’ll Need:

Paper Plate

Sun Kachina Template

Feather Template




Download the Sun Kachina Template & Print it out. Color the bottom half turquoise or blue. For the upper part, color it yellow, orange, or red to signify the sun-alternate colors for each side. Glue onto the middle of your paper plate.

Print out 2 Pages of Coloring Feathers. You will only need to use three columns. There are extras just in case of any mess-ups or miscuts.

(Template also available at http://www.supercoloring.com/paper-crafts/indian-feather-printable-template)

Color the tops black or brown. Cut them out, and be careful when cutting the side slits, so they don’t fall apart. Put the bigger feathers at the top, bottom, and sides. Fill in the rest of the plate with the smaller feathers & only glue the bottom of the feathers on. Once your plate is full of feathers, ruffle them up at the side slits to give it a 3D effect.