Calling all teen anime fans! Are you between the ages of 13 – 18 and looking to enter the cosplay contest hosted by the Main Library’s Anime Club? Whether you are a novice or an expert, we hope that you’ll find some helpful tips for creating easy, effective cosplay outfits!

Some tips for getting started:

Be flexible – if you can’t find the exact color or style of a part of the costume, aim for something close. Paired with other parts of your outfit, it might blend in more than you think!

Don’t have? Borrow! – If you’re looking for a piece of your cosplay, try asking friends or relatives if they have something similar in their closet they wouldn’t mind lending you.

Get creative – Some cosplay details might be more difficult to find but could be recreated with everyday arts and crafts materials like cardstock, foam, cardboard, and paint.

Final pose – Don’t forget to pose in your costume as your character! Get into character by finding an iconic pose or gesture from the anime or manga.

Here are some quick and easy anime characters whose cosplay you might find readily available in your closet:

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Kyoka Jiro – My Hero Academia

Jiro is a super cool teen hero-in-training from the series My Hero Academia. Her special powers relate to the headphone jacks that dangle from her ears. This character would need black pants, black boots, a red/pink shirt, white finger-less gloves, and a black jacket. Add headphone jacks to your ears and the red triangles to your face to help get more into character! A purple wig is optional but helpful if you have one.

Want to learn more about this character? Check out My Hero Academia here

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L – Death Note

This character, known simply as L, is a world-renowned detective in the Death Note series. This costume requires a long-sleeved white shirt and blue pants (denim or sweatpants work here). Sport your best bed-head hairstyle and pair it with some dark make-up to emphasize the under-eye area.

Want to learn more about this character? Check out Death Note here

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Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Out of all Studio Ghibli characters, Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service has one of the simplest outfits to replicate. A black or navy blue dress and a large red hair bow are needed for this outfit. If you’re able – find or recreate Kiki’s broom to use as a prop!

Want to learn more about this character? Check out Kiki’s Delivery Service here

Monkey D. Luffy is wearing a red jacket with a straw hat, blue jean shorts, yellow sash, and sandals.
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Luffy – One Piece

Luffy, the Pirate King of One Piece, is a goofy and easy character to cosplay. A red jacket or vest, a yellow scarf tied at the waist, denim shorts, and flip-flops are all that’s required here. If you can find a straw hat similar to Luffy’s, even better!

Want to learn more about this character? Check out One Piece here

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Pikachu – Pokemon

Get creative by making costumes of non-human anime characters! Pikachu is a great example. Due to his extreme popularity, one can change this character’s cosplay with less specific clothing items. For this character, find an all-yellow outfit and recreate the details with craft supplies. Add red cheeks with make-up and create Pikachu’s ears and tail with paper/cardboard.

Want to learn more about this character? Check out Pokemon here

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No Face – Spirited Away

Here is another easy, iconic, non-human anime character you could try. To cosplay as No-Face, find a black sheet or blanket to serve as the body of this character. Try to see if you can find one that covers the length of your body. Then, recreate his mask with paper and tape it to the front of your costume.

Want to learn more about this character? Check out Spirited Away here

Now that you have your costume idea, get ready to enter it in our contest! Entries can be submitted to our official Anime Club Discord channel. Entries can also be submitted in-person by bringing the cosplay to any KCKPL library branch.

For official rules and guidelines, please see our flyer below

Have questions? Give us a call at 913-295-8250 x 1013.

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful cosplays!