Would you like to learn the basics of student loan planning from an expert? Jason Anderson, CPA and CPF, is a seasoned college consultant who focuses on affordability, student success, and financial common sense.  In this pre-recorded presentation, he covers all the basics, including:

  • Types of aid available
  • Amounts and interest rates
  • Repayment plan options
  • Loan forgiveness
  • Loan statistics
  • Student loan relief initiatives
  • Loan servicers and how to contact them
  • Where to go for help

There is a LOT of information out there and it can be overwhelming, so this easy-to-understand 45-minute video is a great place to start!

Jason Anderson is the founder of Gradmetrics, which offers a variety of college planning services. Please visit his website for more information.

KCKPL will be happy to help you find a variety of print and electronic resources on student loan planning!