We are celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month all through May. We recognize and are thankful for the many contributions, achievements, and influence the AAPI community has and continues to have on American history and culture. Each week we will be posting two fun an educational ways to learn and celebrate members of the AAPI community. This week we are highlighting West Asia.

Sambousak Lahma – Lebanese Meat Pastries
West Asia was this week’s destination. Again, another fierce competitor for being my favorite recipe I have tried! One of the best parts is you can take this treat to go. Little to go size meat pastries. The flakey crispness of the pastry is a perfect wrapper to the savory yet sweet lamb mixture inside. This book takes you to Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. Author Bașan shows you both the history and culture these dishes come from and the modern way these dishes are still loved today! With cooking tips and different options on multiple dishes, this book will make your mouth water.

Middle Eastern Ceramic Tiles
Throughout the Middle East, you will find beautiful and intricate ceramic tile works and mosaics. Ceramic tiles are used to decorate important buildings such as mosques and mausoleums. The tiles are full of meaning, colors, and detailed repeating shapes and patterns that seem never to end. Try your hand at creating a unique ceramic tile using paper and makers. See below for more details.

Please feel free to share if you make one or both the Lebanese Meat Pastries or Middle Eastern inspired tile. We would love to know how they turned out. You can share with us by commenting below, on our social media using #kckpl, or you can email us directly at cmcgee@kckpl.org or mwolford@kckpl.org. We look forward to sharing many more ways to celebrate AAPI Month with you all!

–Chantel & Maddie from Main Library