This book club focuses on inspiring stories of people who faced difficult situations and how they handled them. It encourages the reader to reflect upon their own lives by answering questions at the end of the book if available. Interested patrons can join us on Zoom every 2nd Thursday evening 5:30 pm-6:30 pm. Come by West Wyandotte Library or call for Curbside Pick-up at 913-295-8250 ext. 5 and request a copy.

The Sowing Season by Katie Powner

Forced to sell the dairy farm he’s worked his entire life to make successful, Gerrit Laninga, now sixty-three, doesn’t know what to do with himself. He sacrificed everything for his cows. – his time, his health, his family – with nothing to show for it but bitterness, regret, and two grown children who want nothing to do with him. 

Fifteen-year-old Rae Walters is stricken with panic every time she climbs behind the wheel. But any failure, including not passing her driver’s test, jeopardizes The Plan – the detailed blueprint for high school and beyond that has her following in her lawyer father’s footsteps. Though she’s always been committed to The Plan, now that the pressure to succeed is building, doubts about whether she has what it takes begin to haunt her. What was supposed to unite her family in purpose could end up tearing it apart. 

 As their paths cross and a friendship begins to form, Gerrit’s and Rae’s lives change in unexpected ways. Will they discover what really matters in life and together learn it’s never too late for a second chance! 

— adapted from the back cover