May 8, 2021 is the world ‘s biggest organized birding day as the globe comes together to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day! Last year, 175 countries recorded sighting hundreds of thousands of birds from rain forests, deserts, prairies, wetlands, backyards, parking lots, metropolitan areas and small towns around the world.

If you have even five to ten minutes to watch birds on this Saturday, May 8, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology encourages you to record your bird list on their website or with their free ebird app

Our Schlagle Library branch has 15 feeders and an adjacent lake & forest where you can see everything from cardinals, hummingbirds, and orioles to eagles, hawks, and ducks. It’s a great spot to watch birds and check out some books on nature. You can also log your bird and other nature sightings on our Schlagle Library iNaturalist site called Biodiversity Inventory at WyCo Lake Park, KCK.

Join fellow birders around the world in gathering data to help track migrations, monitor populations, and see what birds can tell us about our world. Have a big birding Global Day on this Saturday May 8!