This book club focuses on inspiring stories of people who faced difficult situations and how they handled them. It encourages the reader to reflect upon their own lives by answering questions at the end of the book if available. Interested patrons can join us on Zoom every 2nd Thursday evening 5:30pm-6:30pm. Come by West Wyandotte Library or call for Curbside Pick-up at 913-295-8250 ext.5 and request a copy.

May’s Read:

“This 1900s historical novel shares Anna Rycroft’s life, which is changed by some startling encounters with Dickins’s A Christmas Carol characters.”–Publisher’s description.

She has a powerful voice able to mesmerize the vaudeville audiences, but Annalise Rycroft has spent her whole life afraid she’ll be lost to obscurity. During the 1918 flu epidemic she has a feverish experience: characters from her favorite book unlock a hidden part of her past, which involves an absent father and a missing younger brother. As Annalise rises to stardom, a stranger with fears and failing of his own takes center stage in her life. Together will they be able to find significance in their lives?”

— Description Excerpt From Book Cover. The Names of the Stars by Ann Tatlock, New Hope Publishers, 2020.

Join us for a Zoom discussion on May 13th at 5:30 pm.

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