See how far your rocket will go into the stratosphere with this S.T.E.M. Craft.

This great craft is all over the internet, but this website had an awesome pattern and a great tutorial that you can use to print off more rocket ships or for written instructions.

STEM questions to ask your child:

1. Does shooting your rocket at different angles make it go higher or further?

2. Does adding a fin do anything? Does that make it fly straighter?

3. Can adults make the rocket shoot higher than kids? Why do you think that is?

Here’s some books for you to check out from your local library!

· The Darkest Dark by Astronaut Chris Hatfield

· Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly

· Laika: Astronaut Dog by Owen Davey

· Astronaut Annie by Suzanne Slade

· Go for Liftoff! How to Train Like an Astronaut by Dr. Dave Williams and Loredana Cunti