It may be difficult for you to travel the world right now, but this citizen science project makes it easy—especially if you admire architecture! Where do you want to go: France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russian, Spain, Turkey, or the Former Yugoslavia? Why not all of them- from the comfort of your home?

The Courtauld’s Conway Library in London needs help transcribing information from thousands of pictures that were taken over many years and throughout the world. The Citizen Science Project World Architecture Unlocked offers you the chance to be an anthropologist and historian as you view these rare photos and unlock the mysteries as to where, when, and maybe why they were taken.

Through Citizen Science Projects, anyone can conduct research from almost anywhere and record data that goes directly toward local or global scientific research. There are over 3,000 global citizen science projects. There are projects where senior citizens can make observations from the window of their room, families can research from their kitchen, schools can research from their playground, or local interest groups can research together as partners. For more information on Citizen Science projects, you can call the F.L. Schlagle library branch at 913-295-8250 ext. 2.