Become a scientist with iNaturalist! High-quality science comes from recording lots of data and with your help, we can achieve that goal! Staff at the Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library have created a Biodiversity Inventory project on iNaturalist, an app designed to help children and adults identify the natural world around them. Your job is to submit photos of as many organisms as you can find living in Wyandotte County Lake Park, where our library is located. There is no limit to the number of observations and you can submit photos all year round! Follow the link below to access our project, “Biodiversity Inventory at WyCo Lake Park KCK.

The data you share with us will help staff keep our educational programs up to date with current flora and fauna growing and living here. As we gather your observations, we can share them with other visitors interested in learning about the area.

Follow the instructional video below to learn how to become a part of this project and start collecting data today!

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. On your smartphone, download the iNaturalist app
  2. Create a profile and login
  3. At the bottom of the app, click the three dots labeled “More”

4. Select “Projects”

5. Search “Biodiversity Inventory at WyCo Lake, KCK”

6. Select this project and join it.

7. Begin adding observations! As you observe nature, you have the option to add any photo taken at Wyandotte County Lake to our inventory project.

This diversity survey does not have a deadline or maximum number observations so we ask that you please continue to add observations any time you visit. Happy Surveying!