Combat your winter boredom with this adorable winter bracelet craft from the West Wyandotte Library! Call the West Wyandotte Library at (913) 295-8250 ext. 5 to reserve your kit or request one during your regular curbside pickup. Kits are available for ages 3+ while supplies last.

1. Your bracelet will come in a small packet containing small parts not suitable for children under 3.

2. Your packet will contain an instruction sheet, beads, charms and a stretchy cord.

3. Arrange your beads and charms in a pattern for your bracelet. The suggested pattern from the instruction sheet is show in the picture but you can arrange them any way you like.

4. It helps to add a piece of tape (not included) to one end of your cord to keep your beads from slipping off while you work.

5. String the beads and charms onto the cord in the order of your pattern. If you have a small wrist, leave off a few beads.

6. Remove the tape (if used) and tie the ends of the cord together using 2 or 3 knots. It helps to stretch the cord both directions after you tie the knots to help tighten them. Adding a drop of glue (not included) to the knot will also help it stay tied.

7. After you have secured the knots, trim off the extra cord and your bracelet is ready to wear!