Now more than ever, the health of our immune system is getting more attention.  In this class on February 26th, we learned the basics of the immune system and how it functions to protect the body.  

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it. We recorded it for you!

Brooke Seiz, functional nutrition practitioner, helps women holistically get their groove back using a systems-based approach.  She helps clients uncover the root causes fueling their health issues.   Then, supports her clients in integrating dietary and lifestyle adjustments to bring balance back to the body and restore energy, hormone balance, digestive function, and overall wellness.  Brooke is a mother to 3 young children, and she understands the demands of modern life.  She aims to support people in a way that is realistic so that shifts are made that are sustainable and can be implemented into everyday life.  Brooke is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Certified in Functional Medicine, and is a Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree Candidate.  She enjoys wrapping all aspects of wellness into supporting you on your health journey! 

Brooke Seiz
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
Certified in Functional Medicine
MA Counseling Psychology Candidate

For questions about the program please contact

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Community Services Librarian

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