By Emily Trollope

Do you love Animal Crossing? Are you proud of your island’s decor? Are you a connoisseur of creating custom designs? Then enter our Animal Crossing Island Design contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Our Virtual Animal Crossing Librarian, Dewey, welcomes patrons who play Animal Crossing to select 2-3 pictures that best represents your island along with a short description to go with each picture. We will ask our library community to vote on their favorite island designs through our library’s Facebook page.

The contest will be separated into three different age groups:

  1. Children (ages 5-12)
  2. Teens (ages 13-17)
  3. Adults (ages 18+)

The winner of each age group will receive their very own Animal Crossing-Themed Pro Controller!

Submit your pictures for the contest to Abigail Lathrop at beginning December 1st.

Voting for island designs begins Tuesday, December 8th and runs through Tuesday, December 15th. Voting closes December 15th at 5PM. The islands with the highest average in each age category will win! The winners will be contacted via email.

In the spirit of the Animal Crossing Island Design Contest, Dewey would like to share his favorite features on his island, Galapagos.

Dewey enjoys spending his day getting dirty at his archeological dig site. His visitors are even able to dig and keep their significant findings.

Dewey has been embracing the changes of Fall by adding a pumpkin patch to his island. He looks forward to using his new vegetables to make DIYS.

Finally, after a hard day of island construction, Dewey likes to relax and fish with his island villager friends.

Dewey loves showing off his island, and can’t wait to see what kinds of designs patrons have created. To see Dewey’s island, you can visit Galapagos with the Dream Code DA: 8293-1775-6222.