KCKPL has decided to start a literary journal! The journal will be open to all patrons 18 and older to submit their own works of poetry, short stories, and photography. Through this project, we hope to inspire a more creative, united community.

This journal’s theme is COVID-19 and quarantine. It’s been a rough year for everyone, and most of us have strong opinions and emotions regarding this pandemic. One of the best ways to vent and share those emotions is to create works of art.

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A literary journal, or literary magazine, is a publication of collected works by various authors. Lit journals can feature short stories, essays, poems, book reviews, photography, and photos of physical art, but each journal has its own specific requirements or specializations. Journals can be published yearly, biannually, quarterly, or monthly. Some can even be a one-time thing, just to creatively discuss a current event or just for a fun project.

Journals showcase authors and help new authors build their reputations as creative writers.

As a library, we have always supported reading and creativity. Since modern libraries are akin to community centers, by hosting a literary journal, we can showcase local authors and give them a chance to build up their own reputations as writers. We can help give brand new writers a chance at publication, which can kick-start their writing career.


Submissions will open on December 1. At that time, if you have anything already written and edited, feel free to send it in!

Once we accumulate submissions, the rating process will begin. We start this by blinding works. In order for everyone to remain unbiased and fair, the author or artist’s name is hidden. Don’t worry; we won’t lose track of your work – we will log all works in a private spreadsheet. After a work is logged and blinded, it is given to three different judges. We aren’t harsh graders by any means. We are just making sure the work suits the theme (at this time, the theme is COVID-19) and the content is well-written.

Once all works have a rating, we will notify authors of acceptance. If your work doesn’t make it, don’t worry! We hope to have many more journals in the future!

After everyone is notified, the journal will be ordered and compiled. Upon finalization, we will send the link to the digital journal, so each contributor gets to see it before everyone else!


Me! Hi, I’m Alyssa! You can email your submissions to me at agrissom@kckpl.org, and feel free to call with any questions you may have at (913) 295-8250 x 5102.

All submissions must include an author release form, found here.

I love writing and even had the opportunity to be president of Emporia State University’s writers’ club and literary journal, Quivira. Heading up the club and journal was one of the most fulfilling and inspiring moments in my life, and I’m excited to share that feeling with everyone at KCKPL!

I can’t wait to read what you’re writing!