People are spending more time at home and missing their loved ones. A great way to deal with this is to send some snail mail! Come to the West Wyandotte Library and pick up a greeting card craft kit and let someone you love know that you are thankful for them by mailing them a card that YOU created.

Greeting card kits are available while supplies last starting November 10, 2020. Please call 913-295-8250 ext. 5 to reserve your activity bag, or request one at your next curbside pickup! Limit is 3 per family. Postage not included.

  1. Before you start, you will need to get scissors and a pen. Included in the kit is a 5×7 greeting card, glue stick, envelope, THANKFUL FOR YOU printed paper, and multiple strips of colored paper to decorate.
  2. Glue one full strip of colored paper on the left hand side. You may need to trim it down so it goes less than halfway across the card, so less than 2.5 inches. **don’t use the dark brown piece, you will need that for step 4.
  3. Trim another large colored paper strip to leave a small border of the plain greeting card around the edge (should measure around 2 x 6.5 inches), and center in the remaining space on the right hand side.
  4. Place the THANKFUL FOR YOU printed paper in the center of the dark brown paper and glue. Then place this in the very center of your greeting card on top of the other colored strips and glue on.
  5. Now it’s time to get really creative; use the remaining colored paper to create a fall design of leaves, pumpkins and gourds, or a cornucopia. It is helpful to have smaller scissors to cut the leaves or whatever design you choose to do.
  6. Use your pen to draw any design on your colored paper. I used a felt-tip pen to draw some details on my leaves.
  7. Voila! You have now created a fall greeting card to send to someone. Remember to check if you need extra postage due to the decorations and weight of the card.
  8. Please post a picture of your completed card on our Facebook or Instagram! We love to see how people put their own unique spin on the take home crafts.

Next month’s greeting card kit will be called “Let’s Chill Together” so keep an eye out!