By Abigail Lathrop

Minecraft Alliance is a program through West Wyandotte Library that brings the passionate players of Minecraft together to share ideas, give tips, and just play together. It has gone virtual during this time and has extended for teens!

On Wednesday afternoons at 4pm, teens ages 13 through 17 have a chance to meet up with our Minecraft Librarian and play with other teens!

Thursday evenings at 5pm, kids ages 7 to 12 are able to log on and play on their dedicated server!

We utilize every aspect of the game, from creative mode to survival. Join us and see if you can pick up tips and tricks you may not have known before, share your knowledge with others. We’re an expanding community ready for new players. Participate in monthly build challenges, battle in our Spleef arena, create massive, intricate builds with others; each meet-up is different depending on what players what to do! Whether you’re new to Minecraft or a veteran to the game, it doesn’t matter as long as you love Minecraft!

Ready to join us? Here are our coordinates!

  • Teen meet-up coordinates: 70, 68, 162
  • Kids meet-up coordinates: 1400, 64, 64

Need more info on game coordinates? Check out this page and of course you can reach out to our Minecraft Librarian for help!

To keep our servers private and safe for our age groups we have an application process online to gain access to our Minecraft meetups. Find out more here on why we play this way, and click here to register and apply for access!