By Abigail Lathrop

We are using November to celebrate gratitude and thankfulness. What is gratitude and thankfulness? Gratitude is the ability to be thankful; thankfulness is the readiness to show and return kindness. Gratitude is the feeling and thankfulness is the action. So for example I’m grateful for the gift from my friend and I show thankfulness by saying thanks by hugging my friend.   

Can you think of a time when you were grateful? How did you say thanks?

The books in November’s Storytime to Go bundle have the theme of gratitude, thankfulness, inclusion, family, and love. Along with the books there is a thankful tree, work together to create the tree. There should be 20 leaves included. You can sit together and write out 20 things you are grateful at once or you can spend 20 days and do one leaf per day. Take the time to talk about the things you are grateful for and how you can show your thankfulness. Talking (about most anything!) is one of the essential skills your child will need before they reach kindergarten, so share your moments of gratitude together!

Pick up your Storytime to Go bundle at the West Wyandotte Library starting November 3, 2020! Use our curbside pickup service or call 913-295-8250 ext. 5 to pre-reserve your bundle for pickup.