As we enter colds and flu season, many of us wonder how to distinguish among many symptoms of upper-respiratory infections (colds), flu, and Covid-19.

There is a lot of information on the internet, and we often wonder what is true and what is fake. Many of those health articles from “health experts” are written to increase the audience, not to share the truth.

So how do you tell the facts from fiction? When in doubt, check with your county’s health department or CDC, the biggest authority on public health.

According to CDC, if you think you might have been exposed to coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider. Keep track of your symptoms and get tested at one of these testing locations in Wyandotte County.

Please note that WyCo Health Department drive-through testing site has moved to 7836 State Ave, KCK (former Kmart location). If you live or work in Wyandotte County, KS, you can get tested regardless of whether you have Covid-19 symptoms or not.

Here is a helpful infographic on how to distinguish coronavirus symptoms from other illnesses with similar symptoms:

Additional Resources:

Now check the resources available from your local library:

Coronavirus by The Centers for Disease Control

Coronavirus Survival Guide by James Spacey

The Coronavirus Recovery Handbook by Liu Xiaodan

Surviving Coronavirus by Eugene St.Clair II