Not all plants are pretty flowers! Some even eat living things, like the Venus fly trap! Others give off horrible smells to lure in prey or grow spikes as a means to defend themselves!

Take a moment to think of grossest, most dangerous plants you can imagine. Would they be poisonous and neon colors? Would they grow reaching vines, spikes and razor sharp leaves? If you drew a picture of your killer plants, what would they look like? What ultimate moves or superpowers would you give to your killer plants? Who would win in a final battle and why?

Some simple facts about plant science may help you in creating your killer plants. Did you know that a fungus is not really a plant? Algae and coral are not plants, either. Some plants grow flowers to reproduce and others make pine cones that open and drop seeds. Still more don’t make anything, but send out creeping vines along the ground to make a new plant.

Trees are the largest plants on the planet. The tallest redwood tree is 70 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty! The oldest single tree is 4,800 years old, while a colony of aspen trees with roots connected under the ground has been alive for an estimated 80,000 years!

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