Looking for a new hobby?  Want to brighten your home?  Want to improve your air quality?  Want a low-maintenance pet?  Look no further than the houseplant!  If you are curious about starting an indoor garden or just want to try your hand at keeping a plant alive, we have you covered!  Below is a variety of foliage perfect for beginner plant parents or new varieties to add to your current collection.

Spider Plant
This popular easy plant requires well-draining soil with moderate moisture.  Water these plants after they dry out a bit and make sure they don’t get soggy.  Overwatering and bright sun can cause leaves to burn.  If they do, merely snip the dead ends.  These plants will make little babies that, when 2 inches, can be pruned and propagated to make more for your home! 

ZZ Plant
Want a plant that is sure not to fuss if you forget about it?  Meet the ZZ!  This tropical loves indirect light and to dry out before watering.  It is very forgiving if you forget to water them.  These plants are poisonous to pets and can irritate the skin, so wash your hands after touching.  Keep this one away from anything that might be tempted to touch it!  For more tips on caring for these plants, check out Gardenista’s page.
*CAUTION poisonous!

Also known as a Hurricane plant, these are beautiful large houseplants.  These plants love humidity, watering once a week to keep moist, and indirect light.  As they grow large, support their growth with a stake or trellis.  The plants grow with ease but need attention to keep them in control!  Prune new growths and re-pot sparingly to control the size.  For more tips on caring for these plants, check out Gardenista’s page.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
This tropical tree has been very popular lately, and no wonder why they are beautiful!  These trees love filtered or partial sun, as their leaves can burn in direct light.  They love moist soil and humid environments.  They are great for covered outdoor areas in this Kansas summer humidity!  Rotate them every few months and re-pot them in the spring.  For more tips on caring for these plants, check out Gardenista’s page.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
A member of the Sansevieria family, she is very forgiving!  Low light, bright light, and she can withstand missed waterings.  These plants are a breeze, very beautiful, and eventually provide baby plants you can propagate. 
*CAUTION poisonous to pets!

Snakeskin Plant
Another member of the Sansevieria family, this is another forgiving beauty.  These plants do well in warmer, dry climates and like to have at least partial sun.  They forgive missed waterings, preferably one every 7-14 days and sparingly in winter months.  They prefer to be crowded in a tight little pot.  You can make more plants from cuttings of their leaves!  For more tips on caring for these plants, check out Gardenista’s page.
*CAUTION poisonous to pets!

Baby Rubber Plant
This is a wonderful member of the peperomia family.  They have beautiful, glossy, green leaves.  These plants love bright, indirect light but tolerate low light.  They prefer well-watered soil but can become susceptible to root rot.  To keep them growing upright, prune them and propagate the cuttings.  That’s it!  Peperomia are a personal favorite of this librarian because they are simple, beautiful, colorful, and hearty.  Frequently they grow long thin little sprigs that are actually their flowers!

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this is a gorgeous plant that is easy to care for: they love low light and humidity and don’t mind being ignored!  Now that is an easy little houseguest.  These plants grow quickly and vine out, so to control their shape, give them a little prune.  When you prune, you can propagate, which gives you more plants!  If you find yellowing, brown, or withered leaves, it just needs some watering.  Grown in draining soil, and be sure not to overwater.  These plants also do not like direct sun, and pale leaves mean the plant is getting too much sun.  For more tips, check out Gardenista’s page on these plants.
*CAUTION poisonous to pets!

This beautiful succulent is a great addition to a beginner’s houseplants.  They are very drought resistant and prefer indirect light; add cacti potting mix to soil to help avoid root rot.  Their leaves hold water and give the owner an easy insight into its need for water based on the condition of the leaves.  These plants are also incredibly easy to propagate; simply cut off some leaves and place them in soil, and voila!  Soon enough, you will see little jade buds growing in the pot.  For more tips, check out Gardenista’s page on these plants.

Air Plants
Plants that live outside of soil and off of air, you say?!  These beauties are ornamental and can be displayed in a variety of ways.  These guys love bright, filtered light and survive by water.  Water these plants by submerging them in a bowl of water for 10-15 minutes, every 5 days for dry homes and every 10 days for humid environments.  Mist them between waterings to keep them vibrant.  For more tips, check out Gardenista’s page on these plants.

It is always recommended to keep plants out of reach of your pets just to be safe.  Curious about the process of propagation?  Check out Gardenista’s introduction to propagating houseplants.

Where can you buy houseplants nearby?

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