Panpipes are traditional musical instruments that have been used throughout Hispanic culture for centuries.

Panpipes were usually made from clay, bones, reeds, and canes. Panpipes were played during ceremonial rites, celebrations, and, of course, for personal enjoyment.

This craft kit is a simple replica of a panpipe. Starting October 5th the Main Library will be handing out these panpipe kits – while supplies last – via curbside between 9am-7pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-5pm Friday.

Inside kit:

  1. Color and cut out the strip of paper.

2. Cut straws right on the black marking.

3. Line up straws from biggest to smallest.

4. Tape the straws together.

5. Using the glue dots tape your colored strip on to your Pan Pipe.

To play your panpipe simply blow into the straws.            

If you would like to share your creation with us on social media, please use the hashtag #kckpl. We would love to see and hear your panpipe!


Miss Chantel – Main Library