Written by Abigail Lathrop

Hello! Or should I say boo-llo? Bellow? I’m sure there’s a great spooky greeting we can use to get into the spooky spirit!

Notice my keyword, spooky! There isn’t anything scary about the books in this month’s Storytime to Go bundles; we just have some spooky characters like ghosts and monsters! But that doesn’t mean they are scary. In fact, they have wonderful sense of humor, and face problems like we do.

Inside your bag you should have 3 spook-tacular books and three crafts. One is a tiny pumpkin treat box which you can decorate to hide your favorite sweets in, and the other is a foam rectangle, of which you are able to create a bookmark in case you need to stop and come back later to a book. The last one is a Halloween-themed wreath you may hang wherever to get into the spooky mood.

Now let’s get into storytime! Whether you want to re-create our story times step by step or have your own way of reading, here are some fun activities to try!

Start sorytime with a song like “Hello Friends,” a West Wyandotte librarian favorite!

Ready for a movement break? Click here to check out these Halloween-themed yoga poses from the wonderful source Kids Yoga Stories!

Standing Forward Bend Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Try a pose like bat, and see who can perform their best bat impression!

Now it’s time to get creative and hands-on! Try one of your crafts from your Storytime to Go bundle, or click here and try one of these awesome sensory activities from Growing a Jeweled Rose! Try the fluffy pumpkin slime or the JellO sensory tub: you’ll have so much fun playing with gobs of goop for Halloween!