Are you wanting to learn to draw? Or maybe you just really need to practice! Well, October is your month!

In the age of the internet, there are more than enough drawing challenges around to keep you practicing every day, but every October, it has become a tradition for many artists to participate in month-long drawing challenges. These challenges come in many different themes with many different rules! Including our very own KCKPL draw-a-thon challenge!

The first of these drawing challenges was the Inktober challenge. Since that challenge was released, the creator has trademarked the phrase, which means that any work made during the challenge and using that specific hashtag on social media cannot be sold as your own work.

Since then, there have been several new challenges that have been created by other artists around the world. Each theme uses the same schedule that gives you a new themed drawing prompt each day of October!

Once you’ve drawn your response to the daily theme, you are encouraged to post what you’ve drawn online as much as possible with the hashtag of the challenge you’re participating in. Practicing every day is an amazing way to practice your art and hone those skills!

Here are just a few great October drawing challenges!

CREAMTOBER is great for backgrounds and light fluffy fun things

Hashtags: #creamtober

WITCHTOBER is one of the most popular challenges by Instagram user @arturo_rose

Hashtags: #Witchtober #Witchtober2020

DRAWLLOWEEN is also another really popular challenge! They also have an official website

Hashtags: #Drawlloween #Drawloween2020

DRAWTOBER is different because it only has 6 prompts each for roughly 5 days. This page recommends you tag the social media page drawtober for a chance to get featured on their page!

Hashtags: #Drawtober #Drawtober2020

SPOOKTOBER is centered around doing different characters with these fun spooky themes.

Hashtags: #Spooktober #Spooktober2020 #spooktoberDCA

And for all of the cat lovers and cat artisans, CATOBER! Do you just want to draw cats all month!? How could you go wrong!

Hashtags: #Catober #Catober2020

Last (but certainly not least!) KCKPL DRAW-A-THON!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Try to draw something once a day based on the given prompts
  2. Use whatever you want to draw! Pencil, maker, crayon, digital art are all good to use.
  3. Post a picture online and tag us in it!
  4. Feel free to take days off as needed to recharge your drawing inspiration
  5. Have fun!

Hashtags: #KCKPLdrawathon

Are you going to challenge yourself this year with one of these exciting lists? Are you inspired to participate in the KCKPL draw-a-thon? Don’t forget that the library has plenty of drawing guides, reference books and other art help if you need more inspiration! Just call or go online to put these items on hold!

Remember to practice, be proud of the work you create, and don’t give up!

Good luck everyone!

Miss Morgan – Main Library