Written by Abigail Lathrop

The West Wyandotte Library is experimenting with using the Xbox console companion app for communications while you play with us on Minecraft! The application is still in beta for PC users, but if you have an Xbox One or a tablet, the Xbox app will mirror the console companion app. This offers the chance for us to use voice chat while in game!

If you are a Nintendo Switch user, the game still offers in-game feed so you can catch up on realm news and see what others are sharing. We will hopefully find a solution that will best serve everyone.

Once you’ve been invited to the realm, you are automatically included in our Minecraft club. This is what our club looks on via Xbox Console Companion, it is a similar look for Xbox App users.

Our club is private and only way to get in is to become a part of our realm and being friends with our Minecraft Librarian, Dottie.West2154. This is what it looks like as a home screen. You are able to look at our activity feed which shows things posted in game as well as through the app.

How do you post?

This in game options appears when pausing your game while in realm this is brought up. Pressing the camera takes a picture of whatever your screen looks like and opens up this screen.

You can type your coordinates so others can see what you are currently building. See something interesting? Post it! Find a village? Share the coordinates.

We often post updates about realm events and other happenings. You can click the feed button to go directly to our feed.

You are able to like, comment, and interact through this feature in-game, as well as through the Xbox Console companion app and the Xbox app, depending on what you play on.

This is the activity feed via the app. Below, you are able to see friends and clubs you are part of.

This will also indicate members who are online in that moment so you may organize play accordingly.

There is a club wide chat option as well that can help players with issues or start a conversation about our realm! Messages in chat are seen club wide. If you need to speak privately with our Librarian, please email alathrop@kckpl.org with any reports or issues.

Players ages 7 to 14, click here to join our growing Minecraft community, and play together with us Thursday at 5!