For the next month (Sept. 15-Oct 15) we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We are celebrating Hispanic Americans achievements and contributions they have made for all Americans. . Starting September 21st the Main Library will be handing out hand weaving kits in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Craft kits will be available via curbside between Monday through Thursday between 9am-7pm and Friday between 9am-5pm.

The art of weaving can be found throughout Hispanic culture from clothing to household items, to religious rituals. Weaving is a very old tradition of interlinking a set of vertical threads with a set of horizontal threads. Though most weaving is done by machine (called a loom), weaving can be done by hand. Below you will find instructions on how this is done. You can also use this link for video instructions.

Inside the Kit:


  1. Thread black yarn through straws. Tape one end down.

2. Tie colorful string to the taped end of one straw leaving a tail.

3. Holding all five straws begin weaving by taking the yarn and moving it under the second straw, then over the third, then under the fourth, then bring the yarn over the fifth straw and began weaving the yarn in the opposite direction.

4. Push the yarn down the straw as you continue to weave.  Weave until you have about 2 inches left of the colorful yarn.

5. Remove the straws carefully slide the woven piece off towards the tail end (the direction away from the taped ends). Cut straws away from the band. Be sure to leave enough tail on both ends of the band for tying.

6. Tying the loose ends: Take the colorful string and tie it to each black yarn individually. Repeat the same method on the other end.

Here is the finish product.

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Miss Chantel