Most of us are feeling in need of a vacation these days but are stuck at home. So take a virtual vacation to recharge those emotions and brain cells!

Tour a Museum

Google teamed up with hundreds of museums around the world to offer virtual 3-D tours. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Learn about ancient Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has created a great interactive web site tour of their museums, tombs and historic sites. Check out the 3-D tours of the tombs or go to the children’s section where the kids can print coloring sheets and take the pharaoh’s quiz.

Visit Australia in videos

Check out Australia’s Youtube channel for high-definition, 360o videos of some of Australia’s most spectacular sights.

Visit a zoo remotely

Lots of great zoos have exhibit cameras. It’s the best of visiting zoos without all the walking.

Try the elephant yard at the Houston Zoo

Or the panda cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo

Even our local Kansas City Zoo has animal cams

And don’t forget library resources, either –

The Travel Channel and National Geographic have produced many DVDs that are perfect for seeing the world virtually.

Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown: Germany, Switzerland, Austria

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Egypt Unwrapped

And there’s lost of great “armchair tourist” books, too.

Yellowstone Summers: Touring with the Wylie Camping Company in America’s First National Park by Jane Galloway Demaray

To Hellholes and Back: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism by Chuck Thompson

The Art of Getting Lost: 365 Days of Adventure, Big and Small by Brendan Leonard

And finally, check out the great posts on our blog from some of our associates talking about their travels!