Learn about combining ingredients and chemical reactions with Mr. Aaron while making your Mini Dinosaur Eggs. You’ll also learn how to make them melt. Impress your friends or see if your siblings can guess which dinosaur is inside. Limited to 2 per family.

All crafts are prepackaged and may need minor home supplies to put together. We’ll give you enough supplies to make one egg but you’ll need more baking soda to create your second egg. Add water to the food coloring to bring it out.

You can call 913-295-8250 ext. 4 to tell us you want to take one of these crafts home. Call us when you get here and we’ll bring it out. We will only hold the craft till the end of the day at 5 PM Monday through Friday. We are located at 831 S 55th St, Kansas City, KS, 66106. We are located in the back of the Turner Recreation Commission. Please park near the back library entrance for curbside pick-up.