With the advent of COVID and the lack of the popular best-selling console, the Nintendo Switch, many people are looking to occupy their time with some form of entertainment. Free online flash games can only entertain most people for so long. Maybe you are a burnt-out Fortnite fan or are tired of all the free Battle Royale games and want to expand into other games that are also free. There are several great free resources for gaming for anyone online as long as you have internet and a computer. 

League of Legends

The most popular game in the world happens to be a free-to-play game available for anyone who has a solid connection and a computer with either Windows or Mac OS.  

“League of Legends” by mrwynd is licensed under CC BY 2.0

League of Legends is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that is focused on objective-based game-play. The game is created with 5 different roles that are filled with different characters named champions. The games contain 10 players going head to head, attempting to destroy an object each team controls called a nexus. Games usually last approximately 15-40 minutes, depending on skill level. The game is free to play and only requires an account. The money a person can spend on the game is only for cosmetics; therefore, there is no advantage to actually spending money on the game if a player chooses to do so. League of Legends is available on Windows and Mac operating systems. 


Maybe playing a fantasy top-down strategy game is not for you. There are plenty of other free games outside of the MOBA genre.  

Valorant is a free-to-play shooter that is focused on objective-based gameplay. The game is created with 5 team members that all select a character that has different abilities. The game does have roles but can be played without the designation of roles. The games contain 10 players going head to head in a Defuse game mode. Defuse game mode is essentially a team is given an item called the spike, where their main objective is to plant the spike, and the enemy is trying to stop them by eliminating them or by defusing the spike when it has been planted. Games usually last roughly 20-40 minutes, depending on skill level. The game is free to play and only requires an account. The game also has 2 different modes being a deathmatch game mode and a spike rush game mod. Spike rush is a game mode lasting 7 rounds maximum. The game mode randomizes the available weaponry with special orbs that give boosts to your own team or curses to the enemy team. The money a person can spend on the game is only for cosmetics; therefore, there is no advantage to actually spending money on the game if a player chooses to do so. The game is a downloadable game requiring an executable; therefore, it is only compatible with windows. The game also has a built-in security measure that will prevent any cheating.  


“Warframe / Blade” by Stefans02 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Warframe is a free to play fast-paced third-person RPG (Role-playing game) shooter/action game that has the player control a Warframe with special abilities. There are basic weapons available for the player to choose from, from melee staffs and handguns to iron fists and staffs. The game progresses with a storyline that is rich in lore. There are plenty of different game modes to choose from as well, and the game incentivizes grindy gameplay as resources are always able to be farm to access better warframes, modifications, and new weapons. The game does have in-game purchases, but all of the important key gameplay items are able to be farmed with enough time. The game also has an in-game trade system with other players trading parts for a currency called platinum, creating a lively market. The game does have a multiplayer mode, but few actually play since the main attraction of the game is the co-op player versus environment gameplay.  

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive: 

Maybe you want to play a tactical shooter but you own a device that runs on Mac OS. We still have resources available to Mac users. 

“IFA Besucher zockt CS:GO im L33T Gaming chair” by verchmarco is licensed under CC BY 2.0

CS:GO is a free-to-play tactical shooter that is objective-based gameplay. The game is created with team members who all have similar characters with no special abilities. The game has 2 teams trying to eliminate each other or trying to defuse/plant the bomb. CS:GO is an older game, but it does have a dedicated fan base who claim that it is one of the best shooters of all time. CS:GO is the prime e-sport shooter and is one of the games that launched e-sports into pop culture. The game has no incentives for spending real money as the only thing you can spend money on in CS:GO is on in-game cosmetics. The game is available for download on steam for free for both Mac OS and Windows. The game is an executable file, so there is a download. 

Magic: The Gathering Arena 

Perhaps you are a parent who does not want to have your child exposed to any violence. There is still a really popular option.  

“DANGER! DANGER! Magic the Gathering finally makes it to iOS. #youhavenopoweroverme” by Steve Nagata is licensed under CC BY 2.0

 MGT Arean is a card game online based on the popular Magic the Gathering series. This card game would essentially have players go up against each other with their constructed deck of cards. Ideally, I would choose a format for the tournament, standard (recent sets) probably being the choice as it limits legacy players (people who have played a ridiculously long time) from abusing their immense online card collection. The game is free to play, but it does require a download as it is software-based, not browser-based. The game does incentivize using real money to purchase packs of cards, but each pack contains random cards. Packs are accessible to players who are only free to play players as the game does reward players with packs when they play. 

There are plenty of games available to the public that don’t have to be the standard battle royals that everyone talks about. There is plenty of different games that have fun and free experiences available to anyone. The beauty of these games is the fact that even if you go against someone who spends money on the game, you will always be playing a game of skill against them.