Written by Abigail Lathrop

Spleef is a mini-game that is played within Minecraft. The goal of the game is to break the ground from beneath your opponents and be the last one standing. Often the blocks used are snow, and a shovel is your tool to not actually harm your opponents when using the mine command. Players can create multi-level arenas that vary in complexity. Typically the ground floor is lava as it eliminates players quickly.

In our realm, we have a three-level Spleef Arena. Two levels are snow, and the final level is lava. You take a water ‘elevator’ up to the top level. We have coded our arena to be automatic; if you break snow, you can press a button, and it will regenerate on levels one and two. We have also added buttons that will spawn Zombies and Creepers to add a bit of challenge to the game. From there, you can battle as many times as you want and reset quickly instead of taking the time to fill in the snow.

Below you watch as four of our librarians play from a first POV.

Join the realm and have Spleef battles with fellow players in our realm. Follow this link to fill out our realm application.