Written by Abigail Lathrop

Minecraft is an incredible game that has cemented itself as a classic that is ever-expanding and updating to keep it relevant among players young and old. It’s a game that inhibits basic coding skills that aid in its creative or survival mode. It’s a game often driven by the player themselves that chooses how to best play the game, and there isn’t a shortage of ways to play.

It can be played among various devices, from your home computer to even your mobile device. Not to mention every major gaming console: X-Box, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also a great game to play with others. It can be a wonderful collaboration tool that enforces teamwork, whether you are painstakingly creating a massive build or trying to make it through the ender together. The game is enhanced by those you choose to play with. 

That’s why West Wyandotte Library has created two Minecraft servers! One is for players age 7-12, and the other is for ages 13-17 to play together how they see fit. Our realm is privately run by our librarians. The only players will be those that age and a staff member. We can have up to 100 players at once playing; think of the games of spleef you can play or the builds you can quickly assemble together! 

This server is also opened 24/7, so you are able to play when most convenient for you and any friends you make in the server, and we hold Minecraft Alliance on Thursdays at 5:30 PM! During Minecraft Alliance, a librarian is in-game to facilitate builds or encourage organized gameplay, so you can meet other players and work together.

To gain access to the realm, you must fill our Realm Application which includes some much-needed information for our librarians to use to run our realm, as well as our Code of Conduct, which lays out the laws of our server. We make sure each patron of our realm has a great experience and isn’t bullied or exposed to griefer behavior (a griefer is someone who intentionally destroys or steals and should be reported to a librarian ASAP). Please note that we can only host players that play on mobile (any tablet or phone) and Windows 10, but we hope as the game updates that this will change and console players can join us.

Don’t forget to use our Realm Application to sign up for access to our Minecraft realm! Join us to have some fun and get your creativity on!

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