Written by Abigail Lathrop

Thank you, Isabelle!

Hello! This is a special post that allows us to show our patrons the hard work our real-life KCKPL librarians have put into our virtual librarians’ worlds on Animal Crossing.

With the latest update in-game, we were given a new feature: dreaming! You can visit other player islands, no internet access required, and see the incredible work that has gone into curating the perfect island. Dream codes can only be uploaded once a day, and when you upload a dream code, it captures your island as it looks that day. So if you visit our islands after visiting us in a dream, they may look different than they do if you visit later on.

All you have to do is have a bed and fall asleep! Luna will come to you. Give her a dream code, and soon you are off to another island to see what others have created. We’ll share ours with you below! Through September, come visit us in your dreams; some of our islands are not quite perfection yet as we are always working to improve. Have any ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

First up, let’s travel to the island dubbed South Branch. Have you visited during one of our events? Sara, a Youth Services Associate, has done an outstanding job with creating a fun atmosphere. It’s our longest-running island to date!

This is the librarian from South Branch! Some of her favorite activities include reading fantasy books and wearing fun costumes! She can’t wait to show you some of the fun places to visit on our island!

Above is the park in the middle of our flower field! We have all different kinds of fruits and flowers on South Branch!

Our dinosaur-themed event space is the perfect place for a fancy dinner.

Our librarian’s favorite place, though, is the storybook market! It is still a work in progress, but she thinks it looks pretty good already!

If you want to come visit us, our dream code is DA-6101-0602-7572.

Our next island is known to its locals as Galapagos, and its host is Dewey. You may remember him as our stylish suave fashion show host. It is curated by West Wyandotte Library Adult Services Associate Emily!

Dewey from West Wyandotte, below, invites you to visit his island, Galapagos!

Stop by the outdoor theatre above to catch a show or to perform for everyone.

Relax by the fire with friends or play some yard games at the campsite.

Feeling inspired? Visit the studio to build some recipes, materials included.

To drop by Galapagos, use the dream code: DA-8293-1775-6222.

Our final island is christened Neverland and is home to Dottie. This is also a West Wyandotte Library island created by Abigail, a Youth Services Associate.

Neverland is overrun by flowers! Flower breeding has gotten out of control, and we are trying to decide how to organize these beauties is a chore, to say the least! How have you controlled your flowers?

The picture below is Dottie enjoying our little library space surrounded by windflowers and pansies. She is trying to create little spaces in the neighborhoods for villagers to enjoy.

The next is Dottie standing in front of Cheri’s home, where pretty mums and pansies have flourished. This custom brick path she found really pops among the floral.

The final picture is Dottie standing in front of our museum entrance, with a couple of incomplete skeletons. Behind her is a Mammoth bottom half; someday, we will find its head, and top left is a Diplodocus missing most of its parts.

The dream code to visit Neverland is DA-0732-9267-1900.

Thank you for sharing! Keep an eye out for future events featuring these amazing islands. We will keep these dream codes until the end of September. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for future posts with updated codes.

Until next time!