Join us for the Homeschool Local History Scavenger Hunt!

Visit and learn about various sites that are an important part of Wyandotte County history.

You will pick up a kit from the library, and then have the rest of the month of September to hunt. You can complete the scavenger hunt in one day, or spread it out over several trips; there is no time limit. Each site will have a task to complete, and you can return your answers to the library either by paper or email, and get a reward for finishing. 

The hunt visits 7 sites that span 36 driving miles, and total driving time is 1.5 hours, so you’ll need an adult’s help to travel. 

One registration per family, please. Please let us know how many people per family are participating so we can put appropriate amount of items in the kit. Register now and come pick up your kit on or after 9/8/2020!

We hope you learn a lot about Wyandotte County and have fun!