Zombies, zombies, zombies!

How well do you know zombie movies? Match each of these 10  zombie movie titles with an item from the lettered column:

Scroll to the bottom for the answers.

1. Zombielanda. black and white
2. Dawn of the Deadb. fast zombies
3. Dead Snowc. Brad Pitt
4. 28 Days Laterd. shopping center
5. Night of the Living Deade. romantic comedy
6. World War Zf. Woody Harrelson
7. Shaun of the Deadg. Nazis
8. Rech. French language
9. Hordei. Simon Pegg
10. Warm Bodiesj. Spanish Language







1f, 2d, 3g, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7i, 8j, 9h, 10e