All you’ll need is:
Coffee Filters
A Cup
Washable Markers

(Maybe a squirt gun if needed)

1) Take your Coffee Filters and fold them in half. Decorate them with a bunch of different colors and you must use washable markers to create the tie dye effect. Try and keep from using black and brown since it will make your tie dye effect dark. Remember what colors also mix together because this will cause even more colors to come out of your tie dye experiment.

2) Once you are done coloring fold the filter in half and then in half again. It should look like a triangle. Fill your cup about a quarter of the way up with water and place the sharp point of the triangle into the cup and water. Just watch as the water will then move up the filter creating the tie dye effect. Carefully open it up. Your hands may get stained so use gloves if you want to keep this from happening. Place your experiment on a piece of paper or plate so it does not stain your table. Another was to do this is when you fold the filter into a triangle you can squirt both sides with a squirt water bottle to bring more of the colors out. The squirt gun way worked the best for me to create some great designs.