Written by Abigail Lathrop

Welcome to Animal Crossing Spotlight! Today we are featuring the style of our library staff in their own virtual worlds. The fashion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds a dynamic addition to the gameplay and expands in ways we haven’t had in other renditions. It spans from modern styles to historical to the downright whimsical. Along with the thousands of choices and variations, you have the ability to create garments from scratch with your own design. The possibilities are endless, and each style becomes unique and allows players to express themselves for whatever aspect of the game they are playing.

Let’s see how KCKPL shows their style.

First up, we have our Youth Services Supervisor, Jacqueline, from our West Wyandotte Library, with a summer chic outfit. Let’s see what she has to say.

“Ok, this first look is my newest fit, and it’s perfect for summertime! Looking casual and cute for a day on the town.”

There’s nothing better than a new outfit!

Her next style is such a treat!

“My second outfit is my creepy vampire look. I’m already gathering inspiration for Halloween. Do I look spooky enough?”

Frighteningly good!

Her final outfit gives off a cottage chic vibe that I’d love to recreate for my days spent in my garden.

“My final look is what I wear spending a day in my flower maze! Tending the flowers with the honeybees is relaxing and fun, don’t you think?”

It’s very relaxing!

Next up is Jalah, Youth Services Associate at West Wyandotte Library!

Let’s see what they have to say about their style in-game; it is ribbeting! Hop on down to see.

“This is my classic, go-to outfit! I love the froggy shirt :)”

Their next outfit is one for the books!

“This is my granny/librarian outfit, sweater, and a floral skirt!”

Need a day-to-night outfit? Jalah has a perfect solution!

“This is my classy outfit for special occasions.”

Our next two entries are from our Adult Services department at the West Wyandotte Library, Emily and Alyssa!

We’ll start with Alyssa, who shares her wand menu. Did you know you can assign outfits to a wand? So with just a wave, you can change your complete outfit at will? You are also able to name them!

Let’s look at Alyssa’s.

“‘Shell’ is my summery, mermaid-themed outfit (since I don’t have the mermaid DIYs yet)! Light green and blue are such summery colors, and the Shell Pouchette really ties it all together!”

Yes! It has me dreaming of clear blue ocean waves.

“‘Flannel’ is closer to my usual outfits. I love shorts and flannels at any time of the year!!”

It is a timeless style!

“‘Dreamy’ is the way I wish I could dress, with pastels and cute buns!”

A perfect collection of outfits for sure!

As a special bonus, Alyssa has shared a custom design she created herself!

Next up is Emily, who helps host our island Galapagos! She has outfits planned for almost any occasion!

Let’s begin with her first outfit, a roaring start!

“This first look represents a casual outfit my character might wear around the house or to do chores. The Tiger dress shirt is loud and fun. I wish I were daring enough to wear it in real life!”

Do you have any outfits you find in-game that are similar to items in your wardrobe?

“This second look represents something my character might wear when hosting friends for a beach day. I think all of the fruit-related items in the game are very cute.”

“Finally, when doing landscaping or gardening, my character likes to wear overalls and a gardening hat. It is fun to change clothes throughout the day to match my actions!”

How many outfit changes do you go through?

Next, we are featuring staff from our South Branch, Sara and Jaky, who are both Youth Service Associates!

We will start with Sara!

“These are some of my favorite outfits in Animal Crossing. I really love how the game has something for everyone! The custom sweatshirt I am wearing in the bottom right picture is my go-to look when I play. I like to wear the punk dress on the left when I feel like dressing up. I think the chic black umbrella goes really well with it. In real life, I don’t often have the chance to dress up that much, but I wish I did! Realistically my style is usually a bit more like the pictures on the right. I like my comfortable goth-ish outfits in real life. Animal Crossing gives you the opportunity to be whoever you feel like being that day, and I think that is a lot of fun.”

Well said, Sara, she nailed what’s some of the best aspects of fashion!

Let’s see what Jaky has to say about their style with their fierce poses!

“My character’s style is comfy and usually with only two or three colors – so this school uniform ensemble was an instant favorite. Because I use a backpack on a daily basis, I thought my character should also have one – our backpacks even look alike! They are wearing the Visual Punk Wig because I’ve always been tempted to have that short style in real life but haven’t had the courage to go through with it (yet!). They’re also wearing a face mask to be both stylish and responsible while practicing social distancing.”

Impeccably accessorized! Do you match your masks to your outfits?

Let’s give a huge standing ovation to our Youth Service Associate, Morgan, who hails from our Main Library, for creating an RU Reading dress and basic tee design for us to share!

Need the dress? Here’s the code: MO-k25B-GTMX-J8YN

Want the basic tee? Which can also be used for an island flag! Here’s the code: MO-2V93-J3BF-MC90

Unsure how fashion customization works? Click here to hear from Emily about learning the process!