Written by Emily Trollope

A large part of Animal Crossing is giving each player the ability to create island items that help them express themselves. Two major ways Animal Crossing allows for creative freedom are by providing each player with a Custom Design app and Clothing Store Kiosk. With these features, players can design clothing and share their creations with others!  

Designing Clothing  

Designing clothing in Animal Crossing has never been easier, thanks to the Design Tools.  

  1. To access your designs, select the “Custom Designs” icon on the lower left-hand side of your Nook Phone. 
  1. Once the Custom Designs app on your Nook Phone is selected, you can either create a Custom Design or a Pro Design. In this example, our character is selecting Pro Design.  
  1. When you access the Pro Design page, you will see several pre-designed items. Additionally, you will see several blank spaces labeled PRO Pattern. Select one of these blank slots to create your own design. 
  1. Once selecting a PRO Pattern space, players will be prompted to design what article of clothing they would like to create. In this case, our character is going to make a short-sleeve shirt. 
  1. Once selecting the type of clothing item you would like to create, you will be prompted to the design page. Options here are endless! For this example, the character created a simple smiley face. 
  1. Once satisfied with your design, select, Done. You will then be asked to name your item. We left our name generic, PRO Pattern. 
  1. You can access your saved designs by selecting the Customs Design icon on your Nook Phone. 
  1. Press Select to try on your new custom creation! 

Sharing Designs 

Now that you have customized clothing, you can share your designs with other players! 

  1.  Access the Customs Design Portal, located near the back right-hand side of Able Sister’s Clothing Store. 
  1. Select Post, then select the item you would like to upload.  

Next time you use the kiosk, you will have a new icon, Posted Designs, where you can review the items you have uploaded to share with others. 

Discovering New Designs 

  1. Similarly to when posting designs, you can discover others’ posted designs by visiting the kiosk in the back of Able Sister’s Clothing Store. 
  1. Once accessing the portal, you have several options. You can search for a design already created by other players by using the “Search by Design ID” and “Search by Creator ID.” In this instance, the character selected “search by creator ID.” 
  1. Once entering the information, we are prompted to a page of creations posted by this user. In this case, we would like to add the KCMO shirt designed by Daniel to our collection. 
  1. Select Save to add Daniel’s creation to your Custom Designs. 
  1. To wear your newly discovered clothing, Select the Custom Designs app on your Nook Phone. Select R to move to the Pro Designs page. 
  1. Select the design you wish to wear and show off to your neighbors! 

Do you have a favorite custom design on Animal Crossing?