Reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost!  If sustainability is important to you and something you strive to incorporate into your daily life, you should compost.  Food waste is a huge part of what goes into landfills but can easily be recycled at home to create soil for gardening and to keep our world green.  Here are some videos on why we should compost:

So how can you begin composting?  Below are resources that will show the various way in which you can begin your adventure into composting:

EPA Composting at Home

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Planet Natural Composting 101

Cornell Waste Management Institute Guide to Composting at Home

Eating Well Composting 101

The Spruce DIY Plastic Tub Compost Bin

When you start composting it is important to know what you can and cannot throw in your bin.  Here is a great list of things you can compost safely!
The Spruce 50 Things You Can Compost

Want to compost indoors or quickly?  Want to create nutritious soil for your garden?  Go big with Vermicomposting, which means with worms! 

Indoor Worm Composting Bin

And of course, we have these ebooks to access at home that will aid in your composting venture!