It’s not always possible or convenient to go wait somewhere to renew your auto tags, but thankfully, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and the state of Kansas make it easy to renew online. Even if your tags are past due, you can renew online. If you aren’t able to carve time out of your life to do this necessary task in person, here are some easy instructions for renewing your tags.

There are a few things you will need in order to renew online:

  • Your license plate number
  • Your State of Kansas Vehicle Registration Form (sent to you in mail)
  • Current, valid auto insurance coverage
  • Form of payment, either bank account info, credit card, or paper check


If you do not have your state vehicle registration form, start here. If you do, skip to step 7

1. Go to

2. Enter your plate number and type (most will be Standard) and then select “Search.”
If you own multiple vehicles, you can enter any of the plate numbers

3. Select the gray box that says “Click to view your renewal notice.”

4. You should either get a pop-up or a PDF downloaded to select. This is your registration form. If you aren’t printing it out, write down the PIN number next to each vehicle and the year of your vehicle. This will be used to search for your vehicle when paying your fees.

5. We are going to select the third option to renew online. In the yellow section, select “Renew registrations on-line through iKan,” which will take you to a new web page, OR you can download the MyWyco app and select iKan Vehicle Renewal.
If you aren’t able to renew online, skip to step 10

6. You are now at iKan or go to If it asks you to log in, you can select “continue as guest.” You should now see a screen where you have the option to select “Renew a Vehicle.”

7. The automated chatbot will chat with you and ask you questions. Various library staff attempted to enter their plate number to find their renewal, and it wasn’t found. This is where the PIN number on your registration form comes into play. Try your plate number first and if that isn’t found, enter the PIN.

8. Follow the instructions. In order to pay, you can enter your bank account information, credit card, or e-check. Please be aware of the fees associated with each option. A few things to note:                           

  • If the iKan system doesn’t automatically link your auto insurance coverage information, you may need to provide a policy number and carrier and show proof of coverage. When staff attempted this, iKan automatically found their coverage, and they didn’t have to do anything. 
  • When we went through these steps, we linked a savings account and were assessed the $2 iKan processing fee. You may be using a credit card or e-check and have extra steps and/or fees.

9. That is it! You will get a confirmation email, and your official receipt, decal, and/or plate will be mailed within 10 days from the local County Treasurer’s Motor Vehicle Office

10. If you are unable to complete  your registration online, print the renewal notice and mail it along with your fees to the county treasurer’s office at:

Wyandotte County Treasurer’s Office
710 N 7th St
Kansas City, KS 66101

If you have problems, email, or call 913-573-2823. We had a hard time getting through and when we emailed, got an answer within a few hours.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please email West Wyandotte Library’s Education Librarian, Ellen Collins, at