In this hot weather, our natural inclination is to have something sweet and refreshing. Ice cream is a snack of choice. What if there is no ice cream in your freezer? You can easily make some using only two ingredients- heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk. In five easy steps, you will have some delicious ice cream.

You will also need a mixer, a bowl with a lid, and a form for freezing ice cream (you can use small paper cups and toothpicks).


ice cream pic 1

Step 1. Take whipping cream from refrigerator. It needs to be chilled but not frozen.

Step 2. On low speed, beat the cream until soft peaks form. Increase the mixing speed to high and beat until hard peaks form. Don’t overbeat; otherwise, you will get some butter instead of ice cream.

Step 3. Add full-fat sweetened condensed milk. You can adjust the sweetness according to your taste. Use half a can if you do not like it too sweet.

Step 4. Mix the cream with milk until well blended.

Step 5. Pour ice cream mix into a bowl with lid and put away in the freezer. Your delicious homemade ice cream will be ready in 6-8 hours.


ice cream pic 2

Kansas City, Kansas Public Library has many resources on ice cream making, as well.

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