Movie directors love a good (or bad) assassin.

For each of these movie directors, can you match them to a movie they made in which one of the main characters is a hitman, though not necessarily a man.

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1.      Jean-Pierre Melville a.      Grosse Pointe Blank
2.      Richard Shepard b.      Matador
3.      Martin McDonagh c.      The Killer
4.      George Armitage d.      No Country For Old Men
5.      Luc Besson e.      Leon, the Professional/La Femme Nikita/Anna
6.      John Woo f.       In Bruges
7.      Chad Stahelski g.      The Assassin
8.      Gavin O’Connor h.      John Wick
9.      Hsiao-Hsien Hou i.       Le Samourai
10.   Coen Brothers j.       The Accountant











1: i,  2: b,  3: f,  4: a,  5: e,  6: c,  7: h,  8: j,  9: g,  10:d