Sheryl, who normally teaches the computer classes at our Main Library, has gathered a list of resources to help you brush up on your computer skills while the library is closed.

First off, don’t forget about the databases on our library’s website. These are services that we pay for in order to offer them to you free of charge.


Universal Class

This database offers tons of online courses, including many on computers.  This one requires a Kansas STATE card, so if you are a Kansas resident, just email us with your name and address to, and we can get you one.


Learning Express Library

This database has a section called the “Computer Skills Center” that has many tutorials. They include basics like getting started with your computer and how to use your operating systems, to more advanced topics like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and popular software like Photoshop and Illustrator. This database can be used with your Kansas City, Kansas Public Library card.

There are also some great free resources online.

gcflearnfree logo

This free and easy site is dedicated to teaching people basic skills. The tutorials include easy-to-follow videos as well. They have lots of topics other than computers, too.

lifewire logo


Do you have a good basic computer knowledge and want articles on how to do various things like how to connect an iPad to your TV or how to wipe a hard drive? Lifewire is a good place to learn new things like this.