We are in the middle of baby bird season!

The West Wyandotte staff was reminded of that when a nest that was over our back dock fell down. Three baby birds were left vulnerable, and mama bird was swooping around and letting us know she was upset about it.

Thankfully, staff knew to contact Operation Wildlife, or OWL, for assistance.  OWL is a local organization that protects injured and orphaned wildlife, and can give you ideas on how to help preserve nests of baby birds if they are unsafe or damaged.

In order to help the birds, we called OWL, and they asked us to email them with pictures of the birds, nest, and the location of the nest before it fell. They got back to us in a matter of minutes and told us the birds were barn swallows and were just a few days from fledgling or learning to fly. With their suggestions, we were able to make a nest holder, and tie the nest back up very near to where it had been and place the three babies inside. Please view the pictures, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, please reach out to them for help about what steps to take.

Operation Wildlife

23375 Guthrie Road
Linwood, Kansas 66052
(785) 542-3625 Phone
(785) 542-5114 Fax



The red X is where the nest fell from; it was stuck to the brick with mud. You can see the mama bird in the background anxiously flying around.


Here is a close-up of the layered mud-built nest


Here are 2 of the baby birds waiting for us to find a solution. We found a third bird by the back door.


Staff is tying up our makeshift nest container. Afterwards, we would place the nest with the 3 baby birds inside this box.


And finally, a picture of the birds in their nest laid inside the box. All is well and they would fly out a few days later!